Magnolia Custom Pools Warranty



Magnolia Custom Pools warrants that the gunite or concrete swimming pool shell will remain structurally sound for as long as you own your pool. Structurally sound is defined as maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete swimming pool shell so as to withstand all normal loads or stress as anticipated by our approved plans. Upon written demand by buyer. Magnolia Custom Pools will perform necessary test to determine if the concrete swimming pools shell is sound Magnolia Custom Pools will, at no cost to buyer, perform repairs necessary to restore its structural integrity. If testing procedures show that the concrete swimming pool shell is sound, Buyer will pay costs of testing and repair. Magnolia Custom Pools does not warrant against damage to the pool shell caused by failure to maintain proper water levels, underground water tables rising above the lowest point of the pool or damages caused by earth or fill ground movement, earthquake, acts of God, or acts of others. The term “concrete swimming pool shell” does not include trim coping (concrete or masonry applied to the structure for aesthetic purposes), tile, coloring, or decking.


The Pentair and Jandy line of pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems, and automated controls are backed by a three-year parts and labor warranty, beginning on the day of plaster installation, for any defects in materials or workmanship. Equipment other than the Pentair and Jandy line is covered by manufacturing’s warranties for not less than 12 months from date of pool finish.


Pool plumbing, piping and plumbing accessories, electrical, gas and all underground installations provided by Magnolia Custom Pools are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of pool plastering


Decks, plaster, walls, stucco, coping and all other masonry products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of installation. Concrete and masonry products are inherently subject to cracking, checking, discoloration, staining, and lack of uniformity of color. These conditions are not considered defective, rising or settling which results from expansive or pre-existing insufficiently compacted soils is not warranted


Notwithstanding the above, your warranty is limited in the following regards:

  1. Magnolia Custom Pools does not warrant against damages, failures or reduction of performance of any equipment cause by substitutions or addition of equipment not designed to installed or expressly authorized by Magnolia Custom Pools. Magnolia Custom Pools. does not warrant against defect or failures caused by lack of reasonable care, failure to provide necessary maintenance, incorrect water chemistry, freezing, flooding, lighting, tornado, hurricane, nor improper operation or vandalism. 
  2. Job-site labor warranty does not extend to lights, cartridge elements, skimmers, valves fitting or chemical feeders, warranty on pump seals, valves, lights and O-rings are limited to one year.
  3. Damages caused by earth of fill ground movement, earthquake, acts of God, or acts of others 
  4. TRANSFER OF WARRANTY  - Non Transferable





Structural Shell

Limited Lifetime

Original owner only, unless transferred

Pump, Filter & Heater

3 Years

Pentair and Jandy brand only

Salt System

3 Years

Pentair and Jandy brand only

Remote Control

3 Years

Pentair and Jandy brand only

Plumbing and Gas

2 Years



2 Years



1 Years



2 Years




2 Years



3 Year


Other Equipment

1 Year

Manufacturer’s warranty may extend

White Plaster

No Warranty


Pebble Tech/Sheen

10 Year


Diamond Bright

5 Year


Alitma Wet Edge

7 Years

Altima Warranty

Luna Quartz Wet Edge

10 Years

Luna Quartz Warranty

Pearl Matrix Wet Edge

15 Years

Pearl Matrix Warranty

Primera Stone Wet Edge

15 Years

Primera Stone Warranty

Prism Matrix Wet Edge

15 Years

Prism Matrix Warranty

Satin Matrix Wet Edge

15 Years

Satin Matrix Warranty